ATU | Fokus: How to do business in the disruptive environment?

8/10 time 10:00 - 13:30
Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus Universitet, Tvillingeauditoriet, Lokale 1324-011, Bartholins Allé, 8000 Aarhus C
How to make business in an disruptive environment with Ukrainian researcer, Sofiya Opatska

v/Sofiya Opatska, Ukraine research fellow, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies and Institute of Business Management, Aarhus Universitet and Vice-Rector for implementation of UCU strategy, Ukrainian Catholic University

The year 2022 showed how much business globally is integrated with geopolitics, global security, ethics, etc. When russia started full scale war in Ukraine in February 2022 reaction was expected not only from politicians but also from business organizations.

Sanctions followed on the level of countries. For the first time in the history companies were expected to make decisions regarding self-imposed sanctions (stop working in russia based of their own decision).

The pressure from society was huge and we can still follow it.

During the seminar we will discuss with the group:
• how can young people influence decision making in big organizations?
• take a look at the self-organized movements that were created in days and what could be achievements of such movements in short and long period of time
• what are the interests of various stakeholders of business organizations
• what can be an effect of sanctions and self-imposed sanctions

We will also take a look at the business case of a bakery which operates on franchising system in Ukraine when it was visited by one of the global celebrities in late April 2022. What can be an effect of such an event on business and how much can business make an impact if it makes proper case of the situation.

Khrystyna Marcynkivska (a student of MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship at UCU Business school) will join online in the beginning of the seminar. Khrystyna organized a movement creating visuals and putting pressure on global companies in the time period of March-May 2022 and she will give you an insight into her work.
The seminar will take place in English.

Sofiya Opatska
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